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We all gotta eat, right? Small Business Friends Shopping Guide Biz#2

Updated: 4 days ago

a collection of handmade jams

All these yummy looking jams came from my friend, Crystal. She owns Little Black Box Baked Goods. She lives in Jacksonville Florida and makes all of these luscious jams! Might as well eat something homemade and natural!

Click here for a little bit about her journey!

Jar of blueberry mojito jam with a knife in the jar

(That’s right, I bought the Blueberry Mojito Jam and that’s my knife in it.

After I spread it on my biscuit, I licked the knife, too! lol)

You can catch her in action on Instagram and she's also on Facebook, too. You can check out her Blackberry Bourbon Vanilla Jam if you want to try something tasty!

I like the fact that, like me, she is a solopreneur! She works hard and makes an amazing product! I also like WHY she started her business. She wanted to create a product that was not filled with chemicals (like me!).

Jams and More!

The jam is so incredible, made by an very talented and inventive woman. (She puts booze in her jam! I’ve never even thought about that, but it’s VERY good!)

Stop by her store - I’m sure you’ll be drooling just like I did!

woman in white shirt and jeans laughing

Stop over at her online store and take a look around. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised! (and hungry!)

Thanks for reading! I appreciate each and every one! I hope you're enjoying the small business shopping guides! ~Deb

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