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"I use the oatmeal and honey soap for years and I love it! My mom is also lost without her oatmeal soap! I buy 9 or 10 bars of various fragrances at Christmas to give away as presents.  Those friends and relatives now expect a bar every year, I now keep track so each person gets a different one every year!" -Pam

a line of handcrafted natural soap in a diagonal with an open coconut above
All of our soaps use coconut oil for bubbles!
(and all the other good things it does for your skin!)

Pamper time! Tortoiseshell Farms handcrafts luxurious natural bar soaps that nourish, smooth, and smell divine. Each unique bar is a mini spa day - no harsh chemicals, just pure indulgence.

✨ Treat yourself or someone special - your skin will thank you!

Keep your luxury artisan soaps longer with one of our soap dishes!
Helps them stay dry, last longer and they're cute, too!


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