Who Is Tortoiseshell Farms?

We LOVE to make soap!  We love cats!  Yes, even our own little Bitsy, who is a tortoiseshell cat.  But our handmade artisan soap!  What can we say!  The smells, the feels, the fun of seeing if what we make matches what was in our mind or on our sketch!

What started out as a project for the siblings, kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews and friends turned into a true passion!

What sets us apart from other artisan soap makers?  We listen.  We listen to what you need.  We listen to what you want.  And then, we make it.  We even try to make it beautiful to use!

For instance, our neighbor is allergic to Cocamidopropyl Betaine, an ingredient commonly found in shampoos, dish detergent, shower gel and many many more 'sudsy' things.  We dug in and researched what she can use and so our solid shampoos and conditioners were born!  She loves our solid shampoo made with Foaming Silk.  It leaves her hair lovely and she doesn't have to worry about her allergy! 


Or my co-worker who has itchy Psoriasis who will tell you that our soap (Pine Tar) cured his Psoriasis (it didn't cure it, but it DID relieve his symptoms so that his skin is totally clear of all of that red itchiness!).

These are the reasons that we do what we do - make soap!  We all want lovely skin and hair, and we at Tortoiseshell Farms are here to help you achieve that.

We use sustainably sourced oils - or organic if it's available at a reasonable cost - and produce vegan soaps.

We try to keep things as natural as possible, including our packaging.  We are always researching the newest trends and choosing quality products such as sustainable sourced oils while at the same time keeping costs low to pass on the savings to our customers.

Did you know that soap needs to cure for at least a month, sometimes longer, to reach its most gentle, most lathery consistency?

Our pure castile soap is cured for at least one year before sale.

We'd love to have your feedback - on our website, our cats and most especially our products.  We are always, always trying to improve.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you find something you not only love but that is beautiful, too!

Keep smiling!

Ernie and me (Deb) at the Grand Canyon.

Our tortoiseshell, Bitsy

Our big boy, Luci. 

He's got the best eyes!

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