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All About Tortoiseshell Farms

Step into your daily get-away with the comforting, natural soaps that will transform your shower or bath into a tantalizing vacation from your everyday stress.

We understand that in this busy, confusing world you’re looking for a few minutes of self-care – just a few minutes, not an entire Spa Day!  We all want lovely skin and bouncy hair!

Tortoiseshell Farms is here to help you look and feel radiant with artisan soaps that are not only great for your skin but will have you feeling and looking youthful.  You'll have a spring in your step and be ready to take on the world!

We listen to what YOU want!

This is what our customers have said:

"I absolutely love the shampoo bars and conditioner bars!   I have very sensitive skin and my scalp is dry and itchy.  This shampoo bar makes my scalp feel great!  No more itchy or flaky problems.   Thank you so much!   I am a believer in your products!"   (Connie)

“As a natural redhead, I’m always looking for something that won’t make my skin flare up.  Nettles have been used for centuries in Europe for various skin conditions, and I was delighted when Tortoiseshell Farms offered a nettle soap.  I’m hooked!  If you have sensitive skin, try this from Tortoiseshell Farms!”  (Stevie C.)

lots of different soaps in a washtub

Our customers are the reasons that we do what we do - make nourishing, lovely, artisan soap and shampoo and conditioner bars that not only help save the planet but make your hair shiny and healthy.

What started out as a project for gifting turned into a true passion!

I had been buying and using handcrafted soaps for years, loving the way it treated my aging skin.  One year I decided that it would be an exquisite gift for the family and friends, something natural AND handmade!

Two things happened.  I found out that the family and friends were now addicted to handcrafted soaps and that I was addicted to finding better and better ingredients to make everyone’s skin glow!

A few years later Tortoiseshell Farms was born.  Named after our ornery tortoiseshell cat, Bitsy, it’s her likeness you see on my logo.  My husband Ernie and I love our little bit of evil fluff!

tortoiseshell cat curled up on a bed

Ernie and I also love the great outdoors.

We camp in our tiny trailer, make a habit of spending our vacations in the breath-taking National Parks and visit the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon as often as we can.

Ernie and Deb with the grand canyon in the background

We invite you to linger over your morning coffee or evening glass of wine while looking at some dazzling products that can change your attitude and maybe even your life!

Browse through the soaps, sign up for the mailing list and venture forth to a quicker, easier, more luxurious all-about-you time.

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