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Become a Retailer

If you'd like to retail my products in your store, welcome to the farm!  Here's a few things you'll need to know.

Wholesale Terms & Policies

Here are my wholesale terms:

  • Prepayment via Paypal.  I will invoice you for your order and you have the ability to pay the invoice directly from the email, no need to join Paypal!

  • In-stock items ship within 7 days after cleared payment via Priority Mail from Phoenix Arizona.  Custom orders or out-of-stock ship within 8 weeks. 

  • $200 minimum opening order ($100 on reorders). 

  • Products offered in case quantities (single variety per case). 

  • Returns are not accepted on as-ordered merchandise. 

  • Contact me via email within 3 days of delivery with any order issues. 

  • Handmade items may differ slightly from pictures.

  • By placing an order, you confirm that you are authorized to do so and accept these terms.


And here's pricing details:

Products featured on the website are available for wholesale at 50% of MSRP.

All come in 6 unit cases.

  • Bar Soaps - $5/bar ($30/6 unit case) (see what soaps we are currently offering for wholesale below)

  • Solid Shampoo Bars - $5/bar/pkg (30/6 unit case)

  • Solid Conditioner Bars - $6.50/bar ($39/6 unit case)

Shipping charges will be added to your order. 

To open a wholesale account for you, I will need your:

  • Store name

  • Buyer contact name

  • Tax ID number and EIN

  • Billing/shipping address(es)

  • Buyer email address

  • Phone number

  • Website (or social media site if you don't have a website)


Forward me the requested info about your store by emailing me at info@tortoiseshellfarms.com or completing this form, and I'll be happy to build your account!
I'm always happy to answer any questions!  It's best to reach me via email.  I want my stockists to be successful and will be happy to help.  
I look forward to hearing from you soon!   Deb

(Forwarding the info above does not guarantee a wholesale account. Pricing and terms are subject to change without notice.)

Soap we offer for wholesale:

Sea Salt Spa Bars      SKU# TFS1002

Gift of the Magi      SKU# TFS1004

Pink Champagne     SKU# TFS1006

Gentle Bath Soap     SKU# TFS1009

Comfort Bath Soap  SKU# TFS1011

Coffee Scrub Bar      SKU# TFS1013


Shampoo Bars we offer for wholesale:

White Tea and Ginger Shampoo Bar       SKU# TFSB2003

Orange, Peach & Ginger Shampoo Bar      SKU# TFSB2001

Fresh Shampoo Bar  SKU# TFSB2002

Tart Shampoo Bar   SKU# TFSB2004


Conditioner Bars we offer for wholesale:

White Tea & Ginger Conditioner Bar      SKU# TFCB3003

Orange, Peach & Ginger Conditioner Bar  SKU# TFCB2001

Fresh Conditioner Bar        SKU# TFCB3002

Tart Conditioner Bar         SKU# TFCB3004

sea salt spa bar soap surrounded by flowers with a loofah in the background
purple and peach shampoo bar with a purple conditioner bar on a soap dish