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Love Medieval Art? I think you'll love this! Small Business Friends #3

Updated: 4 days ago

I would like to introduce you to my friend Rachel from the artist shop Modern Medieval Press.

Rachel of Modern Medieval Press.

We're both small business owners and I'm a big fan of her store and thought you might like it too ;) (here's my personal favorite item on her site -

The name itself comes from Rachel’s love of bringing medieval-inspired art, techniques or architecture into the modern home. Most of her original pieces are made on a large printing press! See her in action here or on Youtube:

Modern Medieval Press presents a thoughtfully curated assortment of decor and jewelry, meticulously designed to empower your self-expression and infuse your living space with harmonious beauty.

You can see more of her pillows at the link below, although I think the pillow shown is perfect for autumn!

Whether you seek a captivating piece of medieval-inspired art or a distinctive decorative accent that breathes life into your space, Modern Medieval Press offers an array of options tailored to your artistic yearnings. Among our cherished collections, the enchanting world of medieval creatures stands as a personal favorite, inviting you to explore the whimsical tales within.

Rachel is kindly offering my community 15% off anything in the shop. Just copy and paste the code FRIEND4U and enter it at checkout.

Here are the links to the complete Small Biz Shopping Guide:

Wildside Dog Gear:


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