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Small Business Friends Shopping Guide!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I'm posting here about some of my small business friends and creating a shopping guide for you to shop small, made in the US and women-owned businesses. I hope you enjoy as this list grows.

I want to introduce you to my friend Candi Wong of Wildside Dog Gear! Candi is based out of North Ogden, Utah. She started her business in 2017.

She struggled to find durable dog gear for her Golden Retrievers. This is the reason why she started designing durable dog gear with vibrant and fun designs. Candi offers dog harnesses, dog collars, and dog leashes, that are made to last. I’ve gotten to know her a bit and I think you’ll love her and her products too.

woman sitting on a sofa surrounded by 4 golden retrievers

Candi is the dog mom of 4 goldens: Jib, Milly, Winter and Tahoma.

Golden retriever with a harness and leash on, sitting down

Watch her products here:

Here's more about Candi Check out Candi’s store Wildside Dog Gear and she’ll be happy that you stopped by! Connect with her on FB, Instagram, or send her an email to say hello!

Here are the links to the complete Small Biz Shopping Guide:

Wildside Dog Gear:

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