Patchouli essential oil pairs with a lathery bath soap to create a splash of color in your life!  Take yourself back to the 60's with the classic scent of Patchouli and the neon tie dye colors that blew your mind back then!  Have fun reminiscing while your senses are 'blown away' with the lathery fun and singular scent!

Sixties Swirls

  • Fragrance:

    You know the smell of Patchouli!  That scent that takes you back to VW Beetles and incense burning!  You either love it or you hate it!  If you love it, you will LOVE this soap!  You'll be reminiscing about that time that....

  • What's So Special About It?

    Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil, and those canola and castor see oils that give it mounds of lather!

  • About:

    Every soap is made in small batches in the Tortoiseshell Farms studio in Arizona.  We take pride in crafting each artisan soap bar.

    Approx. 4 oz (113 g)  Please note that our soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary slightly.

  • Best Use:

    Keep your soap in a dry, ventilated area when not in use to help it last longer.

  • Ingredients:

    Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Lye, Castor Seed Oil, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Skin-Safe Colorants