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Indulge in a natural and handcrafted spa experience with our luxurious bar soap.

Made with sea salt and other detoxifying ingredients, this creamy bar will leave you feeling like royalty. Enjoy the dense bubbles and pamper yourself with a 10-minute spa treatment every day.

But be warned, this bar soap is so addicting, you may never want to go back to regular soap again!

Energizing Spa Bars - Citrus Scented Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar

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  • Fragrance:

    Fresh and subtle, this bright fragrance will remind you of your last trip to the spa!  It's a bright and fresh scent with notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, jasmine, pineapple, blackberry, and champagne.

  • What's So Special About It?

    Rose clay provides amazing hydration and restoring balance.  Hand-crafted with natural ingredients like coconut oil and fine sea salt, this bar provides the creamiest, most gentle lather you've experienced!

  • About:

    Every soap is made in small batches in the Tortoiseshell Farms studio in Arizona.  We take pride in crafting each artisan soap bar.

    Approx. 4 oz (113 g)  Please note that our soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary slightly.


  • Best Use:

    Keep your soap in a dry, ventilated area when not in use to help it last longer.

  • Ingredients:

    Coconut Oil, Fine Sea Salt, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Rose Clay

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