It's SWEATER weather!


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See what our clients have to say:

Love my soaps! All the scents I got were great, including the sample! The soap makes my

skin feel soft and luxurious, 100% satisfied customer!  -  Holly

Have been using the ginger peach shampoo bar now for a couple of weeks and I am here to tell

you - it really has made a difference. My hair is no longer "fly away" or dried out on the ends.

Feels much healthier - I love it! - RJ Hallstrom


Step into your daily get-away with comforting, natural soaps that will transform your shower or bath into a tantalizing vacation from your everyday stress.

We understand that in this busy, confusing world you’re looking for a few minutes of self-care – just a few minutes, not an entire Spa Day!  We all want lovely skin and bouncy hair!

Tortoiseshell Farms is here to help you look and feel radiant with natural, handcrafted artisan soaps that are not only great for your skin but will have you feeling and looking more youthful.  Our handcrafted shampoo and conditioner bars will make your hair shine brighter than the sun!  You'll have a spring in your step and be ready to take on the world!