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Blue Renew: Surf's Up for Gorgeous, Voluminous Hair! 

Calling all volume seekers! Blue Renew is your wave to luscious locks you can practically hear whooshing. This eco-friendly shampoo bar packs a double punch:

  • Deep Sea scent: Dive into an ocean of freshness with crisp notes of salty air, earthy coral, and a touch of mysterious underwater flora.

  • Big hair, don't care: Rice protein and rice starch team up to give your hair a voluminous boost, leaving it bouncy and full of life.

  • Sustainable suds: Ditch the plastic bottles and say hello to a zero-waste hair care routine that's kind to both your locks and the planet!

Ready to ride the wave to bigger, bouncier, ocean-fresh hair? Grab your Blue Renew bar and get ready to shine!✨

Blue Renew Rice Shampoo Bar

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  • Deep Sea: Dive into Cool, Crisp Mystery!Feel the cool ocean mist on your skin with notes of salty air, crisp ozone, and earthy coral. Get a hint of exotic underwater flora that sparks your imagination. Deep Sea isn't just a scent, it's an adventure waiting to be discovered.

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