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Introducing our Handcrafted Artisan White Tea and Ginger Shampoo Bar – a sensory delight.

Infused with the exquisite essence of white tea and invigorating ginger, this shampoo bar elevates your hair care routine into an aromatic journey.

Crafted with care, it embodies luxury while promoting eco-conscious living by eliminating plastic waste.

The harmonious blend of white tea and ginger cleanses and revitalizes, leaving your hair refreshed and rejuvenated.

Embrace the natural allure of this exquisite pairing and experience the beauty of artisanal hair care. Transform your shower moments – try our White Tea and Ginger Shampoo Bar today!

Formulated with Foaming Silk.      Normal hair.


White Tea and Ginger Shampoo Bar - Scented Artisan Shampoo Bar

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  • This sophisticated blend of the scents of sweet ginger blossoms, lily and peony captures a leisurely walk through a garden blooming with color.

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