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Why you NEED a solid Shampoo Bar!

Updated: Jun 19

Stack of solid shampoo bars

  1. Shampoo Bars do not contribute to the over-abundance of plastics in our dumps.

  2. They’re concentrated, saving $$. One shampoo bar can replace 4-5 bottles of shampoo!

  3. You can travel with them and not worry about TSA! Because they’re not liquid, you don’t even need to put them in a baggie!

  4. You can use them as soap for your body, saving even MORE room in your carry-on!

  5. They are GREAT for your hair!

So, how do YOU use a Shampoo Bar? Easy, wet your hair, wet the bar, and make a swipe or two around your head with it and lather away! If your hair is long, you may want to bend over to get the back. Remember, you want to shampoo your scalp, not really your hair!

woman with a big smile washing her hair

I love my shampoo bar. Most people who’ve tried them would not be without them!

Here’s just one testimonial:

I absolutely love the shampoo bars and conditioner bars! I have very sensitive skin and my scalp is dry and itchy. This shampoo bar makes my scalp feel great! No more itchy or flaky problems. Thank you so much! I am a believer in your products! Connie

We send your shampoo bar to you in an organza bag so you can use the bar IN the bag and then hang it up after so it dries, extending the life of the shampoo bar. Again, no plastics!

Head over and check out which shampoo bar is perfect for YOUR hair type now! You’ll be happy you did!


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