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Protect your investment!

Updated: Jun 19

Seems to me that handcrafted soap is an investment. I know that you can get cheaper soap in the grocery and I’ll keep my opinion to myself as far as what that soap will do to your skin as that is not today’s topic.

Since you’re paying more than $1 a bar here, I thought I could give you some tips on how to make your lovely bar of skin-loving soap last as long as possible! 😊

1. The most obvious thing is to keep your bar of soap high and dry! Don’t let the shower run on it or keep it someplace that it sits in the water. Keep your soap as dry as possible between showers.

2. Use a soap dish! There are soap dishes everywhere! I sell some adorable soap dishes on the site, like this adorable poplar soap dish or the extra-large and roomy enameled soap dish.

a bar of Refresh soap on a laser engraved soap dish

3. Use a Soap Saver Sack! I love these things! You can put an entire bar of soap in them, or fill them up with all those bits and pieces of your yummy soap so you can use them all the way up! There are a few choices out there, from sisal (which is surprisingly softer than I'd originally thought it to be) to nylon or mesh.

a soap saver sisal bag

And there you have it! Some easy tips for keeping your soap dry to make it last even longer than it does now!. Keep it clean and dry!


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