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I have a confession!

Updated: Jun 19

So, my confession - I don’t use soap on my face. Haven’t for decades!

I’d like to tell you that it’s because my skin’s pH is about 5 (everybody's is...) and the pH of soap is about 10-12. That wouldn’t be the truth, however. I didn’t find that fact out until I started making soap about 5 years ago!

I’d like to tell you that I only use facial cleansing oils, or foaming crystals or anything else, but all of that would be a lie!  Lol

So, at almost 70 with fairly good skin, what is my personal facial cleanser of choice?

Don’t judge, now, but it’s – shampoo! I started because of laziness, honestly. I was just too lazy and probably waaayyy too poor to afford those fancy cleanser things. I used what I had, right? BUT, shampoo – even my shampoo bars - has a pH of 5.5, so it’s perfect!

Woman sitting with her finger touching her cheek
Not too bad for almost 70!

My HUGE skin care splurge for my face was a tube of Mary Kay moisturizer. I only used it on my face. The rest of my body was resigned to the cheapest lotion that I could buy in bulk!  Lol  I would buy HUGE containers of Palmer’s cocoa butter, or just cocoa butter from the store, of anything that was on sale at Avon or in the grocery up to and including Jergen’s!

I had giant containers of that stuff laying around everywhere! Ask any of my friends!  Lol My bff and I were in love with that really goopy Avon hand lotion that we would apply and it would last for 2 hours before soaking completely in so that everything we touched had greasy fingerprints all over, but – oh – our hands were LOVELY when it all soaked in!  lol

So, what’s my big point here??

However bizarre it sounds, it was a routine that I established when I was young. My face got clean with a gentle cleanser and then I applied moisture. That was it.

I firmly believe that the more simple you can make your routine, the better it will be for you BECAUSE it WILL become routine!

Woman shampooing hair
Yep! Right before this picture I washed my face, too!

So, when you shower, don’t wash your face with soap, use the sudsy shampoo from your hair. It’s better for your face anyway!  Make sure you add lotion to your face for the rest of your routine and if you’re smarter than I am (and I know you are…) you’ll make sure it has an SPF of at least 30.

Make your own routine! Regardless!

Have a great day!



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