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Ditch the Bottle, Save the Planet: Your Guide to Shampoo Bars

Updated: 6 days ago

I've always tried to live my life as eco-friendly as I could. I would stop the car and make someone get out and pick up that cigarette butt they carelessly tossed out. I had a can crusher and would sort my cans (aluminum vs steel) and take them to the local scrap metal yard. I even took the scraps from my job there to pay for the coffee!

Those things have of course, stuck with me.

Imagine how delighted I was when I learned I could do even MORE to keep plastics out of the ocean! (did you know that an estimated 8 million tons of plastic pollution enter the oceans each year. That's the equivalent of dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute!) Shampoo Bars! Right up my alley!

plastic waste piled up

These little bars of healthy hair goodies are packed with hair-shaft healthiness like coconut oil and panthenol, both known for their moisturizing abilities. And while shampoo bars are not known for their lathering abilities, there are some things that can help with that:

  1. Use your shampoo bar in the organza bag that it comes in. It helps the lather come up more quickly and you'll be happier.

  2. You could opt for a scalp massager to bring up the lather, but I think that's not necessary if you use the bar in the organza bag.

  3. I'm currently working on a new shampoo bar that has AMAZING lather! Watch for it here!

person with short hair washing hair with shampoo bar

The journey to shampoo bars has - for me - been years in the making, but I find them so amazing for my hair and I delight in the fact that I am no longer contributing as much to the plastic pollution.

Join me! Start your own shampoo bar revolution and let me know! Send me pictures of before and after - I would love that!

Your hair and Mother Earth will both thank you!


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