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Updated: Jun 19

I love coconut oil! It smells delish, it softens my skin, you can eat it, you can rub it on you and it’s easy to use, no matter what you’re using it for.

I love it in soapmaking because it brings all kinds of things to your soap – suds and skin conditioning and hydration…it’s a wonder fruit!

a hand holding a coconut with a straw against a background of the ocean with a beach

Coconut oil is excellent for your health. It is actually considered a secret ingredient in some weight-loss diets! The fatty acids actually contribute to raising HDL (the good one) cholesterol.

Coconut oil is also great for your skin! You can rub it directly on your skin to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to hydrate your skin.

It’s rich in lauric acid, is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and helps strengthen your immune system – and who does not need that in today’s world? Lauric acid can actually be found in human mother’s milk.

Coconut oil is actually the ONLY oil in my Sea Salt Spa bar! The coconut oil imparts its wonders to your skin so easily in a soap. The rose kaolin clay provides the teensiest amount of exfoliation removing dry skin cells and making your skin glow! Fine sea salt in this bar contributes to the creaminess – this bar is by far the creamiest bar I make! To me, this bar feels similar to a lotion bar, thick creamy lathery stuff that I slather all over! LOL

a pink soap on a soap dish with a loofa on the left and flowers and salt around it

This awesome handcrafted bar is like a 4-in1 spa treat that cleanses, exfoliates (gently), and moisturizes all at the same time! And just so you know, ALL of our soap has coconut oil in it to some extent.

Thanks to coconut oil and all of its skin-loving properties, this artisan bar is a real stand-out addition to your beauty routine!

You can find this artisan soap bar here!


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