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What’s the big deal about handcrafted soap?

Updated: Jun 19

I’m often asked about what’s the difference between handcrafted soap and store bought soap. Most store-bought soap is actually detergent and not soap at all, so there’s that.

We know that creating handcrafted soap is a skill that’s been around in one form or another for centuries and it honestly is somewhat satisfying that I’m continuing a tradition that my grandmother, and great-grandmother used before me.

soap bars lined up in a tin,  showing the different types of soap that can be made, pictured with a jar of bath salts

Handcrafted soap does not use preservatives! There is no need for it! Handcrafted soap has been around for centuries and some has actually lasted for centuries because of it’s naturally high alkalinity.

Handcrafted soap is naturally antibacterial! Remember the recent ‘wash your hands’ epidemic? Soap is so much better than hand sanitizer and can be used on more places than just your hands, too! In addition, no need to purchase “antibacterial soap” since ALL soap is naturally antibacterial!

My handcrafted soap that I am so proud of, uses only the best ingredients I can find. I try to source most things locally, like the honey for my Comfort bar, or the lye that I purchase from a small soap supplier in nearby Chandler.

I control the quality of my handcrafted soap! I control what goes in and how it looks. I use mostly clays for colorants, which are gentle, colorful clay powders from the earth and impart a wholesome, colorful look to the soap. It also has multiple benefits such as being slightly exfoliating and absorbing excess oils. It’s said to be detoxifying, too – all good things for your skin!

Handcrafted soap keeps all of its naturally formed glycerin, instead of being removed (like mass produced detergent-soaps) which is GREAT for your skin for hydration!

I make my soap in small batches. I have 16 bar molds and 10 bar molds and depending on what soap I’m making and whether it’s fast-moving or fairly stable, I use these molds accordingly.

Handcrafted soap is local. About 67 cents of every dollar spent at a small business

remains in the local community.

a stack of 5 different bar soaps

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18 de ago. de 2022

Your products are amazing. I appreciate how clean your products are. Most other products are full of ingredients that we can't even pronounce.

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