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Thanksgiving Past - the party room years!

Updated: Jun 19

So, time moved on, Grandma and Grandpa moved into an apartment building as the managers. The building had a rec room in the lower level for residents to have parties or do whatever.

After moving, our family Thanksgiving turned into the apartment building's Thanksgiving with Grandma inviting those who were alone to celebrate with all of us.

It was kind of fun but also rather different. We kids got to know lots of different people!

Grandma in the kitchen in the party room

Grandma in the kitchen in the party room

Grandma would bake a huge turkey and the other guests would bring side dishes. (Mom brought the pies, of course) It was fun for us and hopefully fun for the older folks we dined with as well!

We all grew up and one of my personal Thanksgiving traditions was camping in a cabin with only a potbelly stove for heat. That sucker burned me once when I was using the poker!

Deb in front of a wood-burning stove with a poker in hand

Not getting burned - please notice the glove on the other hand!

So, the cabin was fun, no running water, no heat other than the stove, outhouse for the potty runs, but we put a heater in there so that helped a little bit. I mean, this is Ohio in late November, right? COLD! lol

We usually smoked a turkey - all the food was made outside on the charcoal grill - and ate like it was, well, Thanksgiving! We listened to "Alice's Restaurant" on the boombox someone brought and in general, just had great fun!

Deb eating a turkey Thanksgiving dinner

Gobbling down turkey!

I certainly hope that your Thanksgiving is pleasant and

you get to spend it with people you love!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ann Backhurst
Ann Backhurst
Nov 18, 2021

So many memories. Love to hear them. When Bonnie and Edie stayed with Auntie M and Uncle George (your grandparents) for a couple weeks one summer, they insisted on playing "elevator" and helping the folks by pushing the buttons to what floor they wanted. Then -- and then - one of my daughters (I think I know which one would have helped instigate this) and your sister Amy decided to help with the cleaning the floor in the party room (which had already been cleaned and waxed by Auntie M). They used scouring powder on the already cleaned & waxed floor. Auntie M wasn't too happy with them. All of my fond memories growing up are from Daddy's …

Replying to

Oh that's hilarious! Scouring powder on the floor - I *almost* remember that happening! lol

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