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Thanksgiving Days Past

Updated: Jun 19

Thanksgiving Day is soon upon us and I thought I’d share a few scenes

from Turkey Days past…

Dad at Thanksgiving about 1957-58.

Dad at Thanksgiving about 1957-58.

Thanksgiving was always held at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandma was blessed with the “Pie Crust Gene” which she passed along to Mom.

It was NOT however, passed along to me! Lol

Mom carrying one of her homemade apple pies

Above is Mom at my sister Amy’s for Thanksgiving Dinner with one of her luscious pies!

I remember Grandma trying to teach me how to make a pie crust, telling me to “feel the dough - that needs more water” and me feeling the dough and not having a clue what she meant! lol She tried though!

I remember one Thanksgiving clearly. Mom had baked 2 pumpkin pies to take to Grandma’s and had them on the counter cooling, covered by a tea towel. (I refer to them today as ‘dish towels’ but that was a different day…)

We had a little cocker spaniel dog named Taffy because that’s the color she was. She had walked over the cooling pies during the night and mom was so very distraught! She was crying, she didn’t have enough time to bake 2 new pies – on and on. My dad suggested that since the dog’s paws had not actually TOUCHED the pies, that she just smooth them over and cover them and take them anyway.

That’s exactly what she did and trust me, none of us kids spilled the story, but we all enjoyed our pumpkin pie! Lol

a piece of pumpkin pie on a dessert plate with crossed cinnamon sticks and whipped cream on top

Let me know some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories! Tell me a story in the comments!


Nov 14, 2021

wonderful memories. Loved It! thanks for sharing.


Ann Backhurst
Ann Backhurst
Nov 09, 2021

Love that story. Sounds like what your dad would say and I can just imagine your mom (my cousin) being distraught. Wonderful memories.

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