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Glow In The Dark Soap!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

So, last year for Halloween, I was so excited to do a soap in the ‘spooky’ theme, the Glow in the Dark soap release. It was a limited release with only a few bars available but I was totally excited and in turn, all of YOU were excited too!

3 bright soaps

Well, we ALL were disappointed to find out that no matter how long we kept them in the Phoenix sun or under the lamp or outside, that only a few spots glowed on the stupid bars! I was beside myself.

I felt as if I had let you all down! I promise, it was not me trying to be deceptive, it was just the first time I had used this particular mica and obviously, I needed more practice. (But think about a soap that glows! WOWSA!)

a woman who looks determined crossing her arms

So, I gave the rest of the soap to my grandkids and thought about it and thought about it. How could I make it up to all of you?

I decided to try it again and to actually TEST it this time before I announced that I had a soap that glows in the dark. So, I proceeded to go to the manufacturer’s website for the mica and look up the proper way to incorporate the mica into my soap so that it actually GLOWED. Found out what I needed to find out and made some soap with this special mica in it – again.

Waited. And Waited. (You know there’s a 4-6 week cure time for soap, right?) And waited.

I finally decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled a few bars off the curing rack and set them outside to ‘charge’ in the Phoenix sun.

I paced and worried and was like a grandmother waiting for the birth of her first grandchild and it would have been funny to watch, I’m sure – I mean we are talking soap, right?

This is what the soap looks like now – a wintery storm or the sky before it snows. That’s what it looked like sitting in the Phoenix sun. I rather like the colors, but – c’mon now, it’s all about the glow!

a stack of 3 soaps that glow in the dark

So, living in Phoenix you might think that it’s difficult to find a spot where the sun isn’t shining so I could test my baby bars of soap to see if they’d glow and you’d be right. I have one bathroom where the sink is between two doors so, I set the soap in the bathroom, shut the two doors, and was completely alone in a pitch-black room with…(see below)

same stack of 3 soaps actually glowing in the dark


I was (and still am) so excited! I ran and got my husband to look and he confirmed my theory that it worked.

I ran and grabbed my camera and took the above photo. Then I opened the door and took the photo of the soaps in the exact same position so that you could actually see that it worked this time!

The journey of the glowing soap is a long one, but it was worth it in the end!

To those loyal customers who purchased the first round of ‘glowing soap’ (note the quotes, am I right?) you will be getting a free bar of REAL glowing soap in your mail for each bar that you purchased, as soon as the soap is fully cured!

It’s the right thing to do!

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1 Comment

Oh my goodness! That soap glows!! How awesome that you have found a successful formula. What awesome customer service you are displaying by replacing the previous bar, thank you. 😃

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