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Christmas when I was a kid

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Christmas was always exciting as a kid! I remember the anticipation, the sleepless Christmas Eves wondering what Santa would bring! How fun!

Baby Deb in front of a bunch of presents

Me as a baby

The stupid photos with Santa…

Baby Deb and baby Mike on Santa's lap

Me a little older with my brother and Santa

Thanksgiving was always at Grandma and Grandpa’s,

but Christmas was always at our home…

Grandma always put up a tree, however – even if it was just one like this!

Grandma in front of a 60s silver aluminum Christmas tree

(remember the color wheel?)

This tree always made me laugh! I so liked the live trees we had at home…

Live Christmas tree in the corner with a tv beside it, window above tv and a decorated staircase on the right

(don’t you just love the old tv?!)

We had fun as kids! Grandpa always made something special.

One year it was a chariot, fully working using kid-power instead of horses (see the blog post from May 5, 2021).

One year I remember a wooden box with a dollar coin in it. Of course, the puzzle box didn’t fully open so you could never get the coin out! Lol

Grandpa was jokester, for sure!

Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite memory for Christmas is!

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Ann Backhurst
Ann Backhurst
11 dec. 2021

Your grandpa ( my Uncle) made me a fabulous wooden nativity manager after I was married. I lugged all over the different duty stations. When I lived in Detroit I had no where to put it to store it so my one married daughter said they could use her brother in laws storage. Then that storage unit had a fire and I lost my nativity manager. I was so sad - still am since I cherished that Uncle George made that for me. By that time my uncle had passed so he didn't see my sorrow - or he would probably have made me another one.

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