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I just wanted you to know. I love love love my ginger hair bar soap and my conditioner bar. The best ever. The green apple was nice but the ginger one trumps it for my hair style. The convenience of the bar works great with my arthritic hands I don't have to try and squeeze a bottle. I also use just the conditioner when I have to use my medicated shampoo. After I get out of the shower and my hair is still damp. I wet my hands rub the conditioner bar on my hands and then on my hair. No more fuzzy head. I'm so grateful. Thank you Thank you - Delores

Have been using the ginger peach shampoo bar now for a couple of weeks and I am here to tell you - it really has made a difference. My hair is no longer "fly away" or dried out on the ends. Feels much healthier - I love it! - RJ Hallstrom

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